Giusell Di Nucci


Excellence in Personal Training Recognised
My goal for you is that you become the best version of yourself without having to sacrifice the things that you love.
Unlike the "traditional" PT my motto is -
"You can have the cake and eat it"

Welcome to My World: A Journey of Fitness, Nutrition, and Empowerment

Hello! I’m Giusell, a spirited 35-year-old, and a mother to two wonderfully energetic boys. My journey in the realm of fitness began early, evolving from a sports-enthusiast youth to a gym aficionado in my teenage years. This passion for physical wellness led me to pursue and achieve a National Diploma in Sports, a foundational step that shaped my future.

Despite the challenges of finding a job in the fitness industry initially due to the lack of gyms and jobs available at that time, I never ceased training, recognizing its invaluable impact on my mental health. My persistence paid off. After acquiring my L3 Personal Training certificate, I started working in a gym where I began leading classes, finding a natural affinity for women-focused sessions. I adored my work.

Then came the unexpected twist – the COVID-19 lockdown hit, gyms closed, and we were locked indoors.  Yet, in this period of global uncertainty, I found a silver lining: the creation of ‘Balance.’ This venture is more than just a fitness program; it’s a sanctuary for women to nurture their physical and mental well-being, a community where empowerment and health go hand in hand, and a place where new friendships are born. What had started off with zoom and a spreadsheet has now evolved into a Website and App.

“Embarking on a weight-loss journey is not just about shedding pounds; it’s about discovering the strength you never knew you had.”

Driven by a commitment to continuous learning, I dove deeper into the health sector, Graduating in Nutrition with honors. Presently, I’m expanding my expertise to pre and post-natal care, aiming to offer as much support as I can to more women.

In these four transformative years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of women on their paths to wellness. Each story of change fuels my mission, and I eagerly anticipate empowering many more in the years to come.

Welcome to Balance – where every step forward is celebrated, and every milestone is a shared triumph.

Changing Bodies
Changing Minds
Changing Lives

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