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Dive into Balance's thrilling world of HD fitness and wellness! Our ever-growing library boasts hundreds of hours of workouts and meditations, with fresh content added Daily.
Quick 15 to 45-minute sessions are designed to fit your lifestyle, available Live or on-demand. Our diverse range caters to all levels, from high-energy stepper to kickboxing and weighted exercises. Experience the excitement of a gym class and Sweat, thrive, and transform with Balance, right in the comfort of your home!

Juicy Booty

Booty sculpting session

Beginners Class

Your fitness journey starts here


High-intensity interval training

Stepper Workout

Step up your aerobic fitness

Body Focused

Short effective muscle isolation work


Mindful tranquility embraced


Balance achieved daily

20 Minutes Blast

Cardiovascular health improved

Weighted Class

Strength training accomplished

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    What's included:

    • Live Classes for all Fitness Levels

    • Large On Demand section for catch up

    • Nutritional Advice, Recipe Ebooks and Meal plan Ideas

    • APP and community with 24/7 Support and Guidence 

    • Daily Breathwork and Meditation

Struggles & Solutions

No time to work out? Anxious about joining a gym environment? Unsure where to start when it comes to working out?
  • Challenges in Managing Childcare

    A significant number of our members are working mothers facing the dual challenge of managing childcare responsibilities while finding time for personal fitness.

  • Efficient and Flexible Workout Options

    Balance offers a curated series of concise, yet effective workouts, with durations as short as 15 minutes. These are ideally suited for busy periods, such as a child’s naptime or quiet play, ensuring mothers can maintain their fitness regime without compromising childcare.

  • Overcoming Gym Intimidation

    Traditional gym environments can be intimidating, leading to feelings of self-consciousness among many women, which acts as a barrier to their fitness journey.

  • Home-Based Workout Comfort

    Our online program is designed to provide a safe, private space for women to exercise, eliminating the common feelings of intimidation or embarrassment associated with public gym settings. This is particularly beneficial for those new to fitness or trying out new exercises.

  • Navigating Busy Schedules and Travel

    The demands of hectic schedules and frequent travel often pose challenges in attending live classes or maintaining a consistent workout routine.

  • Extensive On-Demand Workout Library

    Balance provides a comprehensive collection of on-demand workouts, accessible anytime and anywhere, catering to the needs of those with dynamic schedules. We offer a range of short, high-intensity workout sessions for time-constrained individuals, ensuring an efficient and effective fitness experience.

  • Sustaining Motivation

    Keeping motivation levels high can be challenging, particularly when progress appears slow or when personal and professional life becomes overwhelming.

  • Regularly Updated Workout Library

    Our workout library is frequently updated with new and engaging content, ensuring a fresh and exciting fitness experience. We introduce monthly challenges with specific objectives to keep our members actively engaged and motivated towards achieving their fitness goals.

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  • Awarded Best PT 2023
  • Certified nutritionist with Honours
  • National diploma in sport
  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Certified life coach
  • Specialising in women’s Weightloss
  • Mother of 2 , Creating amazing home workouts for busy woman and mothers
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Frequently Asked Questions

All of our classes are conducted live and promptly made available in the on-demand section. This flexibility enables you to work out at a time that aligns with your lifestyle, providing you with the convenience of choosing your preferred schedule

It depends on the workout you choose. Whilst I recommend having at least one set of dumbbels, there are also workouts that don’t require any equipment, for some, you may need things like a resistance band or a stepper (although not essential). Other helpful equipment might include a yoga mat, yoga blocks, or a meditation cushion. You can use any brand of equipment.

We value your enthusiasm; nevertheless, we highly recommend seeking personalised guidance from a medical professional before participating in any Balance class. Your health and well-being are priority to us. Once given the all clear after your 6 weeks check up / 12 weeks post section, Balance workouts will be perfect to get you back on track, saving you time to spend with your new bundle of joy.

Absolutely NOT! Balance membership is a subscription that will renew itself every month/3 months, based on the package you choose to purchase. However, the subscription for Balance can be canceled at any time. After you cancel you are still granted access to the member area until your month is up.

To manage your Balance subscription, please access your member area. Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Account’ section, where you will find comprehensive information, including a ‘Subscription’ tab. Within this tab, you have the option to cancel your subscription at your convenience. Please note that the cancellation of the subscription is the sole responsibility of the client.

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