Fajita Chicken Food Prep (8 portions)

Giusell Di Nucci
This is how i do my meal prep for my lunches for 4 days throughout the week for me and stefano to help us stay on track. The portion size is for 8 but you can half it, to do for 4 lunches for 1 person.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Europe
Servings 8 portions
Calories 497 kcal


  • 1 Frying Pan
  • 1 Sauce Pan
  • 8 lunch boxes


  • 1.5 kg chicken breast
  • 640 g Dried basmati rice
  • 1.3 litres water
  • 2 packets Fajita spice mix You can use your own spices.
  • 1 handful fresh corriander for rice and decoration.
  • 2 full chillies, thinly sliced Sprinkle over for decoration
  • 3 full Peppers
  • 3 full Red unions



Girls ensure to weigh the chicken mix and rice at the end. Divide the final weigh number by the number of portions.
I.e Chicken mix – 1620g ÷ 8 = 202.5. 
so when you put your empty container ontop to the scales and hit the ON/OFF button to bring it back to zero you will put in the chicken mix until you arrive at the weight of 202/3 grams.
Put the weight BACK to zero and add in the rice the exact same way. ( ensure to divide the final weight of the rice by how many portions you need, to get the correct weight per portion) 
FYI you can add more veg if you wish, this is what i had on hand and per portion these calories would be very little so you dont have to panic too much about counting them. 
Top with curry if you wish!! I used mayflower.
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